Know Us Better!


The Eco Factory Foundation (TEFF) is a Section 8, non-profit organisation, founded by Mr. Anand Chordia in 2016.

Our three main verticals where we are relentlessly trying to achieve sustainability are the Rural, Urban, and Industrial sectors. To carry out our numerous projects in an organised fashion, we have bifurcated our methodology into 4’s – Seva, Setu, Satva, and Sanvardhan.

Our purpose is to enable all to embrace sustainable lifestyles and practices. We have been bestowed with several awards for our sustainable work.

We were conferred with the prestigious Energy Globe National Award, 2020 for ‘Fostering Sustainable Living’ by Energy Globe Foundation, Austria (National Winners). This only encourages us to be more committed to our work and make a positive impact.

Our Inspiration
Late Shri. Hukmichandji
Late Sau. Kamalbai Chordia.

Our Inspiration

Enlightening rural and urban citizens about the importance of clean, green and healthy environment.

Increasing awareness about the reduction of daily carbon footprint.


To make everyone pioneer in enabling and empowering sustainable living to inculcate healthy lifestyle and foster traditional procedures for people, planet and prosperity.


To re-vitalize our society to make our Mother Earth prosper with imperishable abundance of natural resources and sustainable life systems. Increasing awareness of waste management.


Know our Founder
Leading the Eco-Innovation:
Anand Chordia
Founder, The Eco Factory Foundation
Director - Innovation & Technology, Suhana Pravin Masalewale

At the helm of The Eco Factory Foundation and Suhana Masala stands a visionary leader, Mr. Anand Chordia. With unwavering commitment and a passion for positive change, Mr. Chordia has carved a remarkable path in the world of sustainability and business.

At The Eco Factory Foundation, we are dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Under the guidance of Mr. Anand Chordia, we have set forth on a mission to make the world a greener and more sustainable place.

Our commitment to protecting the environment, conserving resources, and fostering sustainable living is a testament to Mr. Chordia’s vision.

Our Appeals

To achieve ‘Waste to Wealth’ and ‘Waste to Health
Our nation’s health lies in the health of our soil
Journey from an oil based economy to a ‘Soil based Economy’
Replace linear economy with ‘Circular Economy’
Food can be grown almost anywhere
Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food
‘Farm to Fork’ and ‘Fork back to Farm’
Make honeybee and earthworm the national insects of India
Green revolution to evergreen revolution
Ecological is Logical & Ecofriendly