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Rural Sustainability

To re-vitalize our society; To make our mother Earth Prosperous for all the verticals.
Through our ‘Sustainable Farming & Rural Entrepreneurship Centre’, our vision for rural India is to achieve:
  • -> Food Power: More growth of chemical free/poison free, nutrient- rich crop produce per acre.
  • -> Economic Power: Increase farm economy by decreasing total input cost & increasing yield of farms.
  • -> People Power/Employment Generation: Making farming & farming allied businesses a profitable & respectable occupation.
Sustainable Farming & Rural Entrepreneurship Centre
  • -> Introduction to globally acclaimed, low cost- sustainable/ natural/ chemical free/ traditional/ vedic/ cow-based/ organic farming methodologies.
  • -> Education about small scale farm economics to increase yield per acre.
  • -> Formulations of natural pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers based on farm resources.
  • -> Holistic development of soil.
  • -> Boosting farm allied businesses and appropriate market linkages.
  • -> Introduction to various post harvest technologies and rural waste management.
  • -> Farm produce- Market linkages.
    Founder interacts with our farmer
    Famers gaining practical knowledge.
    Green Productive Wall
    Farm Design Principle
    Multi Crop Farming
Waste to health journey from oil based economy waste to health transformation from oil-based economy to soil-based economy, representing our waste to health journey and farm to fork and fork back to farm.
UNDP facilitated the training of farmers from Talasari Village at TEFF
Centre of Farm Allied Business
  • -> Seed bank
  • -> Agro tourism/ eco tourism/responsible tourism/ rural tourism
  • -> Vermicomposting
  • -> Cow dung-based products1 Cow dung Pots, Incense sticks, Diya, Gowari & Chips etc.
  • -> Banana fiber processingSmokeless charcoal manufacturing
  • -> Nursery
  • -> Dairy products manufacturing
  • -> Mushroom
  • -> Mini Oil Mill
  • -> Mini Daal Mill& Various post harvest technologies etc.
Centre For Agro/ Eco/ Responsible/ Rural Tourism
Waste to wealth and employment generation power
  • -> Utilisation of available farm resources to boost farm profitability.
  • -> Provide basic insights about tourism business and low capital investments such as infrastructure, farm related activities etc
  • -> Connecting citizens to Mother Earth with a ‘fun-n-learn’ approach.
Seed Bank
Good quality indigenous seeds which are collected, propogated, promoted and studied for future sustainable agriculture growth.
  • -> Ready availability of seeds zero input cost of seed purchasing for next crop produce.
  • -> Ensures consistent good quality crop produce.
  • -> Creates Entrepreneurship opportunities due to increased awareness and growing market value.
  • -> Brings steady sustainability in farming.
Desi Cows : A Boon to Farmers Economy !
It was a privilege to showcase TEFF’s work to our beloved
Prime Minister Honourable Shri Narendra Modiji
at Global Ayush Investment and at Global Ayush Investment and Innovation Summit 2022.
Inauguration of Shashwat Bharat Krishi Rath by
Hon’ble Minister Shri Narendra Singh Tomer
Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare at Gwaloir in February.
Objectives Of The
Shashwat Bharat Krushi Rath
  • -> To strengthen the farmer’s economy by imparting education on sustainable agriculture practices.
  • -> Achieving waste to wealth and waste to health, food security and nutrition security, eradication of malnutrition and everlasting sustainable farms.
  • -> Addressing concerns such as ecological sustainability and environmental health, safe food, and enhanced livelihoods.
  • -> Recognition of every living organism’s importance in nature and its role in its ecosystem, and that of the planet.
Takeaways Of Shashwat Bharat Krushi Rath
  • -> Introduction to: Different dimensions of entire farm to fork and fork back to farm journey.
  • -> Rural engineering technologies that can be easily adopted by farmers for sustainable growth.
  • -> Allied businesses and eco-entrepreneurship opportunities; Value-added products from farm produce, agro waste and locally available raw material
  • -> Right farm design principles.
  • -> Small scale farm economics; increasing yield per acre.
  • -> Calendar of plantation and other aspects which will help farmers to grow leaps and bounds.
Inauguration of Waste Management Park by
Hon’ble Union HRD Minister Shri Prakashji Javdekar
On 5th June 2017
A Bundles Of Good Vibes !
  • -> A bundli of good vibes is comprised of various value added products developed using cow dung.
    • -> Cow dung pots
    • -> Cow dung chips
    • -> Incense Sticks
    • -> Diyas
    • -> Seed balls etc
  • -> Supporting holistic development of cow ecosystem
  • -> Bring positive vibes while reducing carbon footprint !
Kisan Ke Man Ki Baat
    -An Initiative by Government of India was hosted at TEFF. Honourable Shri Parshottamji Rupala – Union Minister of State for Panchayat Raj, Agriculture & Farmers Welfare & almost 200 farmers visited TEFF on the same day.

Centre For Agro/ Eco/ Responsible/ Rural Tourism

  • Utilisation of available farm resources to boost farm profitability.
  • Provide basic insights about tourism business and low capital investments such as infrastructure, farm related activities etc
  • Connecting citizens to Mother Earth with a ‘fun-n-learn’ approach.