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Individual Sustainability

To re-vitalize our society; To make our mother Earth Prosperous for all the verticals.
For the Love of nature and health !
Pune – Goa Cycle Ride
For Anand Chordia, Founder of TEFF, the shining highlight of the year 2020, has been the Pune-Goa cycling and running 15-km freedom run on 15th August. Apart from enjoying the cycle ride, the founder of TEFF managed to spread the word of change. The motive of this ride was to increase the awareness of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan – Clean India Mission, reduction of carbon footprints, seed ball plantation, and Hum Fit to India Hit.
Tree Plantation
Since the inception of TEFF, out prime purpose has been ecological restoration of plants and trees across India. On those lines, we have held serveral Tree plantation drives. as we go back to our roots, we plant many native trees.